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Traffic Court

Q. Should I fight my traffic ticket?

Absolutely! The reason for this is not necessarily the fine, as many times the fines are not that high, particularly for a less serious offence such as speeding. However, depending on the rate of speed you were clocked over, this can involves demerit points. Collecting enough demerit points within a relatively short period of time can affect your driving record, insurance rate and even your right to drive. Another reason to fight some tickets might be if you have a recent history of related driving offences, which if you are found guilty of this new charge, your penalty will definitely be more serious than somebody who is facing the same charge for the same offence for the first time.

There are also other driving offences you may want to defend yourself in, especially if you feel you are in the right. A charge like careless driving, for example, can impact on your auto insurance rates, generate demerit points as well as in rare cases, lead to incarceration. Many times we can fight the charge on your behalf, or we can negotiate a lower charge that may generate less demerit points and may have less or no impact on your insurance rates.

Q. What about more serious charges like driving without insurance, or driving while under suspension?

My office can assist you with these as well. These are more serious offences for good reason. If you drive without insurance and somebody gets seriously injured in an accident that is deemed to be your fault, you can end up paying a lot more than the minimum $5,000 fine! There are defences to these charges, but it is important to seek legal advice to see if you are able to use them. A Paralegal can also assist you with your fines, your penalty and so forth, so that your circumstances and the situation that led to the charges can be taken properly into judicial account as well, so that you will be treated fairly in the courts.

Q. What can happen to me if I have unpaid fines?

Your license can be suspended if you have unpaid fines, and if there does not appear to be any efforts to pay them for a certain period of time. The difficult part is that you might not know you have been “administratively suspended” until you get pulled over by an officer, who only reminds you of those fines you thought you dealt with a long time ago! Once notified, it is important to deal with the fines right away, get a receipt for payment, and return to the license bureau to pay the $150 reinstatement fee.

If your fines are too high to deal with right away, my office can assist you in coming up with an appropriate resolution to deal with the issue.

Q. How much will it cost me to have your office handle a case under the Highway Traffic Act?

It depends on the charge, your driving history, the potential complications involved with the charge itself, and how it is resolved, as well as the number of appearances, and if the case is sent for a Trial.