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Provincial Offences / Regulatory Offences

Q. What kinds of cases might be involved in a provincial or regulatory offence?

These cases are quasi-criminal offences, and as such,should be taken seriously. These cases can involve by-law infractions (such as clean yard by-laws, sign by-laws, non-residential use of residentially zoned properties, etc.); Fire Code infractions; Occupational Health & Safety Act infractions; liquor license infractions, as well as infractions involving regulated trades and occupations, such as real estate and motor vehicle dealers. These charges are either prosecuted by municipalities (for by-law related issues), or by regulatory bodies, such as OMVIC for enforcement under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act. Because the consequences of many of these offences can include a hefty fine, and in some cases, incarceration, and/or suspension of one’s right to act in their trade or profession, seeking legal advice is very important. These cases are heard in Provincial Offences Courts before a Justice of the Peace, and can be Appealed on the sentence or conviction to the Ontario Court of Justice.


Q. Can a Paralegal represent me in Provincial Offences Court?

With a few exceptions, absolutely!